Financial Support for Academic Conferences / Guidelines for Applications


The Bavarian American Academy offers financial assistance for the organization of academic conferences at Bavarian universities or at other research institutions. Primarily eligible for grants are conferences of an interdisciplinary nature with the USA as their primary focus. Other possible areas of interest are Canada and, with regard to inter-American issues, Latin America and the Caribbean.

1. Applications

Applicants are the German scholars responsible for the conference. They must be active members of the BAA.


Applications may be submitted as early as possible. A preliminary application should be submitted as soon as concrete plans for the organization of the conference in question have been made and a brief description of the project can be supplied. In order to facilitate medium-term financial planning at the BAA, the preliminary application should reach the BAA twelve months before the date of the conference at the latest. Definite approvals, however, cannot be given on the basis of this preliminary application.


The actual application, containing the required information as outlined in this leaflet, is to be submitted no later than six months before the date of the conference. Late applications cannot be considered.

It is not possible to apply for a grant after the conference has been held.


The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • the intended conference program
  • a tentative list of the speakers and their topics
  • indications of the current state of planning (contact/correspondence with potential speakers; confirmations so far)
  • an explanation of the applicant‘s reason for holding this conference; it should enable the board members of the BAA or the jury appointed by them to form an opinion on the objectives and the scholarly significance of the intended project and to judge if financial support by the BAA is necessary
  • a tentative outline of costs and funding, including an estimate of the number of participants (active participants/audience members)

If definite statements cannot be made at this stage, an outline based on the current state of planning may suffice. 

2. Funding

The BAA offers a single grant, the amount of which will depend on the project in question. The relevant criteria are the scholarly significance of the project in relation to the program of the BAA in general as well as its interest for Bavarian universities or other research institutions and, if applicable, for the co-operation with non-academic institutions and groups. The expected number of participants will also be considered.


Conferences by German, American or international scholarly societies can only be considered in exceptional circumstances and within a very limited budget if (a) they are held at a Bavarian research institution and (b) there is a major interest, according to the objectives of the BAA, of holding the conference in Bavaria. 

3. Additional Remarks

Applicants are expected to apply to other granting institutions (DFG (German Research Association), DGFA (German Association for American Studies), and other non-profit organizations) for co-sponsorship. Evidence of these applications must be supplied.


The Bavarian American Academy expects the recipients of BAA-grants to use the administrative channel of their university for the payment procedure and to receive the grant money via the university business office. In special cases the money can also be transferred to a special bank account at a German bank under the name "Sonderkonto BAA".


The BAA does not subsidize printing costs for the publication of conference proceedings or administrative costs.


At the latest four weeks after the end of the conference, the recipient must submit a detailed statement of expenditures accompanied by a report on the conference (in German or English). The BAA is entitled to publish excerpts of the received conference reports as part of its own report of activities.


Application forms can be downloaded , further information can obtained at the BAA.