Summer Institute 2008
Ethnicity and Society in America  
22-25 July 2008 at Amerika Haus, Munich 

In an intense four-days course of studies, three leading scholars in the areas central to the topic of "Ethnicity and Society in America" explored its historical and intellectual dimensions and discuss recent repercussions in literature, the arts, the humanities and related social sciences.

Participants worked closely with BAA distinguished guest faculty in both individual and joint sessions. Each faculty member offered a public lecture and, in addition, a colloquium (based on the topic of the lecture); each colloquium was attended by the whole group and provided ample opportunity for intensive discussion and debate. The participants presented a final paper in a concluding symposium.

The 2008 Faculty

Prof. Kerry Haynie, Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair, Department of Political Science, Duke University, NC
Prof. Alondra Nelson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of African American Studies, American Studies, and Sociology, Yale University, CT
Prof. Ramón Saldívar
, Hoagland Family Chair in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Milligan Family Fellow in Undergraduate Studies, and Chair of the Department of English, Stanford University, CA 

Admission and Costs
Tuition for the 2008 session was € 200 (housing included). Applicants were encouraged to compete for a limited number of tuition scholarships.